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Promotional Contest Rules

All members of LifeLine, in good standing, who are at least eighteen (18) years old at the time a Contest or draw are eligible. Eligible members are automatically entered, from LifeLine’s membership database, as a privilege of membership.

The selected entrant will be chosen from among the eligible members in random draws, conducted by an independent third party.

A selected entrant does not become a winner until they have met all of the conditions found in these Contest Rules.

Winning contestants will be ineligible to win again after two (2) years.

Every member in good standing who becomes a selected entrant and is offered a prize and accepts it, shall be required to accept these Rules and as a condition precedent to continuing their eligibility and prior to being declare a winner.

Any member is good standing may opt out of any Contest, or draw, by giving notice, in writing, to LifeLine. At that point they will then become ineligible to win any of the prizes while they remain opted out. Any member who has opted out and wishes to opt back in may do so, once again by giving written notice to LifeLine.

Each “contest” will held monthly and the winner picked at random from among all of the existing members, plus any members of the social networking site, who are not yet members of the LifeLine paid membership.

The prize will be, unless otherwise stated, a free Membership in the applicable LifeLine club, offering the prize. From time to time other prizes may be offered, but these will be expressly referred to on the site in question.

No purchase is necessary.

The number of eligible subsequent draws is dependent upon the particular contest that the member may be involved in. As all eligible members are entered (unless they have opted out or have won a prize within the last two (2) years) then the chances that any one member will win, is dependent upon the total number of members in the draw.

Each entrant who is awarded a price must take their prize in the form it is won.

Prizes may not be shared by two (2), or more, eligible members prior to taking delivery.

Any prize is non-refundable, non-transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash and has no cash value that can be claimed or redeemed.

All prizes will be awarded and if any prize is not claimed within the period of thirty (30) days from the date of the draw, then that prize will be re-submitted to be entered into the next draw.

LifeLine may use each member’s personal information as reasonably necessary for the conduct of the Contest and to publicize the winning members, who have accepted their prizes from any draw.

LifeLine’s employees, agents as well as those of its preferred suppliers and/or sponsors are ineligible to participate in any draw or contest.

The number of draws, the prizes, their respective estimated retail values and number of eligible members in any draw, or draws, will be published on LifeLine’s website from time to time. Members may find such details on the website at any time.

LifeLine is a federally incorporated Canadian Business Corporation; as such, unless otherwise publicized at the time of a particular draw (and fifteen days before that date) all of its contests, and constituent draws, are geographically limited to Canada. Any eligible member anywhere in Canada has the same chance of winning a prize as any other eligible member in Canada, without any regional favouritism.

Prizes include all applicable taxes for Ontario, Canada.

Prizes will be f.o.b. LifeLine’s headquarters in Ontario. Shipping from LifeLine’s headquarters will be the responsibility of the winner(s).

All contests will be conducted within thirty-one (31) days of the last day of any month in which a threshold has been reached; thus, triggering a contest and its individual draws. A computerized draw will be held on the date fixed, from all eligible entries to determine the winning member.

All eligible members who are selected to win a prize in any draw shall be required to answer a time limited skill-testing question, without mechanical or electronic assistance, as a condition precedent to their being awarded the particular prize for which their respective name was selected.
General Terms:

All entries are subject to verification by LifeLine and any ineligible or fraudulent entry will be void. If, after verification, an entry drawn is not eligible, a second entry will be picked and so on, until an eligible entry is drawn.

Selected entrants will be notified by phone or email. If the selected entrant cannot be contacted by phone after three (3) attempts within seven (7) days of the draw or if he/she fails to correctly answer the skill-testing question, the Selected Entrant forfeits any claim to the Prize and another draw shall be made until a winner is determined.

The Winner authorizes the Sponsors to use, if required, their name, photograph, image, voice and/or statements relative to their Prize for promotional purposes without compensation other than the value of the Prize received. A winner must sign a release form for such use and a confirmation of their agreement with these Contest Rules.

The Winner, if already a members of LifeLine, will be entitled to nominate the recipient of the prize (where that prize is a membership), or in the alternative to obtain a renew of their own membership, if they are already members.

If the prospective winner does not accept or participate in LifeLine’s promotional activities then the prospective winner forfeits their prize and LifeLine shall have no further liability or obligation to the prospective winner with respect to the forfeited portion of the Prize.

If for reasons beyond their control and not related to the prospective winner(s), LifeLine cannot award any prize as described in these Rules, including references thereto on LifeLine’s website, from time to time, they will award a substitute prize of the same nature and of similar value.

LifeLine, its employees, representatives and agents disclaim any liability relative to the malfunction of any computer component, software or any means of communication relating to the loss or absence of communication, network, or relating to any faulty transmission, incomplete, incomprehensible or deleted by any computer or network, and which could limit the possibility of, or prevent any person from participating in any draw, or draws, in any contest or contests.

LifeLine’s draw is subject to all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations, including without limitation section 74.06 of the Competition Act, R. S.C. 1985, c. C-34, as amended.

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